The Process


Whether you need us to help you find the right camper to start your project, or you already have one when you come to us, our process begins with assessing the integrity of the camper itself. Just like a house, weather, wear and tear, and how it was upkept during the course of its “life” make a difference in the condition when it arrives at our workshop.

The Frame

It all starts with the frame.

Once we’ve done a thorough assessment of the camper we determine whether or not it will be a “frame off” remodel or not. This means that if the frame is rusty, bent, or otherwise needs some extra love to be sturdy and road-worthy, we will physically remove the entire shell of the camper from the frame. The frame will then be repaired as needed and sandblasted to prepare it for a new coat of weather-proof paint to protect it. Once the frame is repainted, the shell can be reattached and the camper reassembled.

The Design

Then comes the fun part. The design. We work with each individual client to understand exactly how they want their camper to function, and from there we plan out their custom design with them. One of the coolest parts about completely reassembling a camper from the frame up is that you are NOT bound by the original layout of the camper when it was built- you can get creative! We can help you make your layout work for you, and with the help of mood boards, shared social media, photos, and Pinterest boards, we plan every design to suit the individual client in a completely custom way.

The Materials

Every project is very different but we focus on using local materials as much as we possibly can. We partner with a local sawmill that's been operational in our area for generations and are able to further mill their locally sourced wood here in our shop for shelves and cabinetry from beautiful local hickory, cedar, poplar, oak, alder, and walnut. In many vintage campers, walls will be formed from birch paneling, and Airstreams and Spartan types that are aluminum are riveted carefully by hand. We source our tiles as much as possible locally in the Nashville area and try to shop small for as many components for our campers as we can.

The Build

Once the actual design of the camper has been developed through collaboration with the client and their specific vision, Andrew and his team draw on their combined years of home-building, remodeling, tiling, flooring, wood-working, welding, and finishing work experience and start building from scratch, all by hand. Plumbing, electrical, insulation, walls, and subfloor are all carefully installed. All cabinetry is custom-built and installed to suit the needs and layout plans of the individual client. Flooring, countertops, tile, fixtures, and appliances are all installed and tested to make sure it functions properly. Andrew provides updates and check-ins throughout the production of each camper and is available to answer questions and talk through plans as the camper takes shape. We want our clients to feel like they are a part of the process, and that they are in good hands with our team.

The Start Of Your Story

Once a project is complete, we work with our clients to plan how they will get it home. Since we work with clients all over the country, we are used to wrapping our campers up for safe keeping on a long haul to their final destination. We love it when our clients visit their finished camper (and us) too-- seeing our happy campers in action is one of our favorite parts of the whole process. Because once your project with us at Knuckleberry Custom Trailers is complete, then your adventure can REALLY begin.


Andrew and his team were exceptional from day one. We hired them without knowing much of what we were getting into and he guided us every step of the way. He helped us find the perfect camper for our mobile bar transformation. He was honest the entire time, no bs, this was so important considering we were coming from 1000 miles away....

1 / 6

10 out of 10 service. If I can give more than 5 star I would. Andrew is truly over the top. He is very attentive, always response fairly quickly, is willing to go through every detail of the way, takes the initiative to send pictures every so often as updates & truly provides the best advice to benefit you and your project, not his pockets. Never did we feel that he was trying to get one over us even though we honestly did not Know anything of remodeling a camper. You will definitely be in great hands at Knuckleberry!...

2 / 6

In the last year’s time working with Andrew Cole of Knuckleberry Custom Trailers on my custom vintage camper build, I’ve had only the sweetest experience. A lot of life happened, as we all know, during the time KCT worked on my custom build. Timelines were pushed back, plans changed, finances were affected, etc., etc.
Andrew was warm, welcoming & understanding from the start...

3 / 6

Exceeded my wildest dreams for what my trailer restoration would have been! Andrew and his team are truly craftsman and professionals. They worked with us as partners all along the way and we’re able to take our design recommendations and turn a 1959 Yellowstone Cavalier into a true master piece. Their attention to detail, quality of their work, and creative ideas are second to none. They even came up with the idea of a live oak counter top and installed an antique ice chest. From a complete rebuild to the finally finishing touches Knuckleberry Trailers is the real deal....

4 / 6

Mobile RV Repair - Andrew and Sean are top notch people and repairmen. Andrew responded quickly to my voicemail call to inquire about some repairs we needed on our Travel Trailer and sent Sean out the next day to give an estimate. While at the camper, Sean did a couple of quick fixes right then and there, which we really appreciated. They made recommendations for repairs, which we agreed with. They ordered the parts and got us on their schedule in no time at all. Sean did the repairs quickly and with great skill. After repairs were completed, Andrew followed up with us within the hour to check in. Great customer service! We’re thrilled to have found a mobile RV repair business with such skilled, honest and reliable RV repairmen close to where we are “camped” in Thompson’s Station. Their hourly rate is very reasonable. Knuckleberry Custom Trailers is now our “go to” business for our RV needs....

5 / 6

RV Repair - Excellent Company! Thank you so much. A pleasure doing business w you...

6 / 6

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